Welcome to priya.software.
Priya works on Linux & php 5.6 and above (7.0, 7.1, 7.2) and on the Windows Subsystem for Linux.
Javascript should work on all modern browsers on all modern operating systems.
If you find a bug in priya, please report it to bugs@priya.software

Priya software is free for personal use (like a blog).
If you want a commercial licence please e-mail to info@priya.software with the subject "acquire a commercial licence for Priya".
University's and Schools should acquire a commercial licence too.

The documentation section is under construction. So please be patient...
Our Javascript library has been separated and optimized for loading.
You can add your own files when the Javascript library is loaded with
the require() function which is available in the window object.
See the example shipped with the javascript for a demo.

Currently running version: 0.3.4

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